Field Notes

June 3, 2021

Reconsidering Culture

Culture, as a concept, is as complex as the very thing it describes. Socially, we “consume” culture in a multitude of ways. However, despite its complexity as a term, culture has become the monolithic catch-all in public discourse....

April 12, 2021

Remote Workforce Development

Last year, Gartner reported that 74 percent of the 317 business leaders it surveyed will permanently move at least five percent of their onsite workforce to remote positions. Another 25 percent will allow 20 percent of their employees to...

April 12, 2021

Climate Migration: The Next Global Crisis?

Climate migration, resulting from global warming, is poised to significantly destabilize communities and global security. The issue must be proactively addressed as a challenge before it escalates to a crisis. In July 2020, Verkhoyansk,...